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My thoughts on Big Brother Australia 2012

Did you ever watch a show, then visit some fan sites and legitimately wonder if you are watching the same show as everyone else?

For the life of me, I can not figure out how some people can find Ben entertaining. At the start of the series, I found both him and Stacey to be really amusing and sort of adorable to watch, but as the numbers have dwindled, I started to witness a whole new side to both of them that turned me off. I accept that it's normal to discuss people and things that have happened, but I've found that Ben, the now evicted, Stacey, and to a lesser extent, Zoe don't just gossip, they perform full out character assassinations over the most minor and petty things.

The most common target of these attacks is Estelle. Why? As far as I can tell, its because she is a bit different to the other housemates. Currently, their biggest problem is the she has dared to entertain herself with some harmless flirting with the only available male housemate, Michael. From what I have seen, Michael isn't against these flirtatious attentions. In fact. I think he sort of encourages them, but I haven't seen anything that makes me think it's more than that.

What reason could they have to be upset if their friends choose to entertain themselves with this? Zoe fancies herself in love with Michael, although acknowledging that's is probably not real, and even witnessing first hand how disturbingly creepy her own attempts at harmless flirting were, and how uncomfortable they made the object of her imagined affection. She went so far as to have a conversation with Layla, saying that when a friend expresses interest in a man, he becomes out of bounds, despite the fact that in the early weeks of the show, Zoe had made it clear she held a torch for WA contestant, George, who Layla then proceeded to lock lips with on a regular basis. After that little romance broke up, Layla moved on to new Intruder Sam, who ex-Housemate, Angie, seemed quite keen on, if the way she kissed him one night was any indication. So, it's okay for Layla to make a move on people that others have showed interest in, but not Estelle? I do not understand how that is fair.

On Monday, when she was in the diary room making her deal with Big Brother, Ben cruelly joked that she wouldn't let them see what she has said when they weren't around. She did, because she wasn't ashamed to have her housemates see all of her and she put them to shame with her distinct lack of speaking about people behind their backs. Later that night, he said to the rest of the group that they should make a pact to just let her know when she was annoying them. Not four days later, he was busying mockingly insulting her for sitting on a chair backwards. He quite unfairly, in my opinion, excluded her from the Captain's Quarters despite the fact that she was the runner-up in challenge and hadn't been in the exclusive room since the first week. (It's worth the side-note that Sam hadn't been in the CQ in all it's luxury since his entry into the house either, and Michael and Zoe have both been in the last couple of weeks, so it would have been fairer to take Estelle and Sam, rather than them.)

Wanting to make sure that Estelle and Sam didn't miss out completely though, Zoe and Layla brought back some sweet treats for them, telling Sam they were for him and Estelle right in front of Ben. Later, he ate the Danish that Estelle had put aside for herself, and, when questioned, claimed he didn't realise it was hers.

Ben is without a doubt, the most childish, manipulative bully I have ever seen on Big Brother, yet he has a large following of people that support him. When I made a post about his bitchiness on the Official Big Brother Facebook page, on fan said that if Estelle was that annoying to live with, they'd want to knock her out. I'm unclear if this was an expression of wishing violence upon the poor girl, but if it was, I can see why this person didn't find anything wrong with the nasty things these housemates say about her behind her back. Personally, I'd rather someone that didn't find vilifying people to be an amusing past-time walk away with the proposed quarter of a million dollars prize money. What sort of message does that send? It's okay to be cruel, rude and vicious in your verbal attacks on someone? That's not a message I want my children to hear.

So, I'm giving my vote to the only housemate I have seen not indulge in petty and mean gossip, and I'm encouraging anyone reading this that is against the sort of message allowing someone like Ben to win would send to do the se.

Call 1902 55 95 05 or Text ESTELLE to 199 55 999!
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So, just woke up and found this in my inbox. Putting it here until I wake up enough to decide whether or not to respond.

I just wanted to thank you for being absolutely horrendous at playing Hermione. I mean, honestly? Do you even know how to write two solid paragraphs? Or better yet, one? Good lord. Not to mention, your Hermione was absolutely atrocious. I'd just about given up on ever being able to play Hermione against such a fucking brilliant Severus, and then Shiva fell into my lap and it was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I've seen your CDJ or whatever, and I know you credit Shiva with how much you love Severus and Hermione, but guess what? My Hermione is ten times more wonderful and perfect than yours. We - well I certainly do - openly mock you in our threads. This comment in particular, the OOC note? Totally directed at you. Cause while occasionally I give Shiva less than what she gives me to write with, I have NEVER given her a one liner, or even a post where it was difficult for her to respond with a decent sized post. So guess what? You suck, just like your mindless cunt of a Hermione does, except mine does it better ;)

Hate you!

Does anyone that reads this know her? Her email is misfitlaydee@gmail.com.

EDIT: Well, it's been six months since I even played with the Snape in question, so this was quite unexpected. I have decided that I won't reply to her. She seems a bit juvenile and I doubt whether a response will be listened to anyway. Instead, I forwarded the email to the other player, because I figured that she should know what a hateful nut-job she was dealing with, and then to the mods of the game we were playing at, even though I never actually tried to play with her, or the Snape-mun, because she'd made it clear that she didn't want to. I'm satisfied with that.
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Politicians are always banging on about family values, but they don't give a flying fuck about families, obviously. If they did, they would give us more that a measly $300 a fortnight so that I could stay home and raise my children. However, they're happy to foot 50% of the bill for childcare so that I can go back to work and have less time to spend with my children. People are always talking about how the youth of today have no respect, for themselves, their elders or anything else, for that matter, but what do we really expect. And yes, I hear your arguments, my children went into childcare and they're just fine, but what if that's the exception? What if as a general rule, not having that constant one on one parental interaction is the catalyst? I hate that this society looks down on women that want to stay at home and be there for their children, punishes them almost.

So, it seems I have to look for work or we'll lose our house, and probably one of our cars, too. This makes my dream of having another baby seem completely unachievable and breaks my heart, because I won't be able to be there for my baby. She's so little and just started to talk, and she loves nothing better than curling up in my lap for a story, but apparently, that's not worth anything to anyone, because I can't get paid to just be her mother. I have to give her over to someone else to have those special moments while I go and work.

Something is seriously wrong with this society.

An Advertisement for my RPG

Hey you guys. Well, most of you would have probably seen me pimping my sorting community wingardium_sort but I don't think I've ever pimped out the RPG side of the community. So, here it is.

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So, I've just woken up on the 28th of June! And even though it's still the 27th in Utah, I have to say


You are one of the most wonderful people it's ever been my great luck to meet and I love you madly!

Flist Clean up

OK, so after much deliberation, I've decided to clean up my flist. If you get cut, it's not personal. It's just that I don't get much from reading your journal anymore or that I dont' remember the last time I read or had a comment from you.

Maybe we'll discover each other again down the road, but for now, thanks for the memories.